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How to troublehsoot Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

Troubleshooting your Rinnai tankless water heater can be really easy based on procedures followed. This article contains a link to the troubleshooting manual provided by Rinnai water heaters in case when issues occur. Each code has a specific meaning and has a set of procedures that need to be followed to figure out the problem. Below is a list of codes and their descriptions:

Code 03 - Power interruption during bath fill (Water will not flow when power returns)
Code 05 - Bypass Servo
Code 10 - Air Supply or Exhaust Blockage
Code 11 - No Ignition
Code 12 - Flame Failure
Immediate code 12 or 19 no flame visible in burner box;  
Code 14 - Thermal Fuse or Overheat
Code 16 - Over Temperature Warning (Safety shutdown because unit is too hot) 
Code 19 - Electrical Grounding
Code 25 - Condensate Trap is full
Code 31 - Burner Thermocouple
Code 32 - Outgoing Water Temperature Thermistor Fault
Code 33 - Heat exchanger outgoing thermistor
Code 34 - Combustion air temperature thermistor (Internal units ONLY)
Code 41 - Freeze Protection Sensor for External Units 
Code 51 - Inlet Water Temperature Sensor
Code 52 - Modulating Solenoid Valve Signal Abnormal (POV)
Code 57 - Burner Overheat Biā€metal Switch
Code 58 - Secondary Heat Exchanger Sensor
Code 61 - Combustion fan Motor
Code 65 - Water Flow Servo
Code 70 - PC Board Fault
Code 71 - SV0, SV1, SV2, SV3 Solenoid Valve Fault
Code 72 - Flame Sensing Device Fault
Code 73 - Burner Thermocouple Fault
Code 79 - Water Leakage Detected
No Code  -Nothing happens when water flow is activated
Code LC, LC0, LC9  - Scale build-up in Heat Exchanger
Code FF - Indicates a serviceman has serviced product