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Can I install a Rinnai tankless water heater myself?
Improper installation of gas appliances, including, but not limited to Rinnai products, can be  extremely hazardous to you, your family and your property.  Accordingly, Rinnai recommends that all of our products be installed by a Rinnai trained and licensed contractor or approved and qualified plumber or contractor according to pertinent federal, state, and/or local regulations.  Improper installation of your Rinnai product can affect the warranty provided by Rinnai.

The Rinnai water heater is one of the most advanced water heaters available. It provides a continuous supply of hot water at a preset temperature. This appliance is direct vent where air is brought in from the outside and combustion gases are exhausted to the outside. While electricity, water, and gas supplies are connected, the Rinnai water heater produces hot water whenever a hot water tap is open. Ignition is electronic. There is no pilot light consuming gas while the water heater is not being used. The gas burner lights automatically when the hot water tap is opened and goes out when the tap is closed. temperature within a specific range and can provide error codes to diagnose any problems. The temperature of the outgoing hot water is constantly monitored. The Rinnai water heater may adjust the water flow in order to maintain the temperature setting. The water flow may vary from summer to winter due to the difference in ground water temperature.

The main reason my customers choose to go tankless is because it’s a great way to pick up floor space in a remodel. They also want to reduce their energy consumption and are willing to spend more upfront to do so. Other reasons for installing on-demand heaters include the promise of never again running out of hot water and the security of knowing the equipment will last 20-plus years — much longer than conventional models.
When it comes to installation of a tankless water heater, there more then few variables that come in play. Installation can take upto days if the person does not know what he/she is doing. Furthermore, there are hazardous scenarious if the installation goes wrong. Hence, it is recommended that one goes with a professional when it comes to installation of a tankless water heater. Saves time and money.